To her, even the most routine tasks deserved careful consideration. 

Each day she would open the cupboard to choose a tea cup and begin studying the various shapes and patterns. Some cups were petite with delicate handles you could only loop one finger through. Other cups were round and bright with colourful cupcake motifs all over. Her favourite was a medium sized white mug with COUCH POTATO printed in black on one side. Each tea would launch a quiet analysis of each cup and how they made her feel on that particular day. Once decided, she would gently reach into the cupboard so as to not disturb the other crockery and proudly select the perfect teacup for her mood.

She never knew if her idiosyncrasies were disarming or alarming but she was beginning to learn that it didn’t matter. She’d grown tired of apologising for who she was; everyday she learned to worry a little less and trust herself a little more.

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